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Forget the fat clothes. Fill your closet with skinny clothes. The perfect Tuesday Temptation.

10. Want to keep your upper body looking trim? Try a skirt or pants that cinch at the waist. Put the focus on lean arms and legs. Ruby Ribbon’s fit and flare skirt does the trick for only $59 AND it has “skinny band” technology that holds the tummy in comfortably. Available in classic black or on-trend rose. This is a fabulous spring look.
Get your’s here

Adorable outfit featuring Ruby Ribbon's fit and flare skirt only $59

Adorable outfit featuring Ruby Ribbon’s fit and flare skirt only $59

9. Look skinny with the right foundation garments. The wrong bra or underwear can make you looking lumpy, bumpy and saggy. Looks bad and feels uncomfortable no matter what your age or size. Look like you had a lift and a tummy tuck with Ruby Ribbon. Ruby Ribbon’s cami’s and briefs take inches off your hips, thighs and tummy while lifting our butt and breasts. All this support with extreme comfort. Many of my clients wear these without a bra because they look trimmer and look and feel supported. Amazing!!! Check out Ruby Ribbon’s selection of shapewear here.

Ruby Ribbon's Fullsupport cami helps  you lose inches and be supported without a bra.

Ruby Ribbon’s Fullsupport cami helps you lose inches and be supported without a bra.

I might have missed a few things.

I might have missed a few things.

I planned to post a cute clothing/jewelry fashion fix this Friday but life got in the way. Lack of planning due to all good things kept me too busy to post. So this morning, I was feeling grateful that I GOT TO have a busy productive day and I realized that if Gratitude were the fashion fix, how much happier we all would be.

So what about you? Do you struggle with Gratitude? When the last snow storm hit and the power went out and school was cancelled, were you stressed because your schedule was interrupted? Or did you appreciate the day off from house/office work and the warmth and power when it eventually came back on?

Intentionally looking for the “silver lining” in all disappointments, schedule changes, delays, and disagreements will not only help you feel calmer and happier but it will also attract more of the “silver lining.”

Here’s a little exercise to help you find a significant silver lining that you likely have already experienced. Name one thing that has happened to you in your life that seemed a curse but was actually a blessing? Did the one of your first boyfriends/girlfriend break up with you and afterwards you found your soul mate in a different person? Did you have crazy curly hair as a child which became the height of fashion as a teen? Did you get fired from a job and find one you loved and were better suited for?

I gave my heart and energy to a jewelry business that I loved. I succeeded in it and I loved my customers. I expected to pass the business on to my children and work it well in to my retirement years. This past December with just 10 days notice that company closed and my dream and income stream disappeared. It was really hard to see the silver lining. No more business just 2 weeks before Christmas.

Now just 2 months later I am still in the fashion business and I am trending ahead of my jewelry business. My new Ruby Ribbon customers are beyond happy because the cami’s, shape wear and clothing I introduce to them truly improve comfort and look. Last week a new customer cried because for the first time in her life she was comfortable and supported without a bra and bras caused her pain.

I am really fortunate to be able to see the silver lining in a business failure so quickly. Bouncing back has taught me so much. Hope you find your silver lining in your disappointments. I promise by focusing on the silver lining, you will see it and benefit from it much more quickly.

This bird is grateful for food on this snowy day

This bird is grateful for food on this snowy day