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It’s Free Cami Wednesday. Win free piece of shapewear. Today and every day Ruby Ribbon gives away free shaping camisole.

To enter go to Facebook and look up Ruby Ribbon’s business page- Like it
and then Answer the Question- What’s your favorite Summer Item?

Then you may win.

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A fun answer to your favorite Summer item is an item from Ruby Ribbon’s Summer Catalog
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Check it out, you can see which cami you may win? Which one would you choose to win? Good luck and let me know here how it went.

A wonderful part of social selling is it truly is social. Women love to connect and socialize. If we can bond over issues that girlfriends like to talk about like weight loss, weight gain, children, in-laws, shape wear, fashion and more we make friends for life. My Ruby Ribbon business connects me to so many wonderful women.

I am so grateful that I was able to connect with Melissa Jennings who created this wonderful site, Stockpiling Moms. It is a fantastic resource for Mom’s and really,everyone. It is full of recipes and great ideas to save money.

Here is what she had to say about it.

This is what Melissa has to say

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Ruby Ribbon's Fullsupport cami helps  you lose inches and be supported without a bra.

Ruby Ribbon’s Fullsupport cami helps you lose inches and be supported without a bra.

This little pink ( or white or champagne or black or zebra print) cami is your wardrobe super hero. It will wick away sweat to keep you cool, tuck in your tummy an inch or more, smooth any back or tummy lumps and bumps and give you a comfy hug all day long. All this without rolling up, making you look like a sausage or “spanking” you? Sound like a miracle?

It kind of is. Ruby Ribbon’s patented cami is unlike anything you have tried before. Had a bad experience with shape wear? You are my favorite to fit because you will be amazed at the COMFORT while smoothing and shaping. Try out a Ruby Ribbon cami today. All you need is your approximate bra size. If you are a 34-46 b-d cup wear the same band size as your bra. If your cup is DD or larger, go up one band size. So a 36 G will wear a 38. We fit a 32-46 B-KK cup.

Your cami Ruby Ribbon cami will make you look at least a size smaller, keep you cool and can replace your bra. When you get your miracle, you will want to step in to it and make sure our hand-applied “gripper edge” is touching your skin. This patented edge keeps the cami from rolling up. And no worries- no latex in it anywhere.

You can wear it with ANYTHING, blouse, tank, button down, tee shirt, or sweater. Many women wear it as a bra replacement due to the comfort and support. The item is also great for women who have had any kind of breast surgery.

So buy one or 3. You deserve it What are you waiting for??? Here is how to get one now!