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Wrong Bra Size? Says Who?

It seems like the media is constantly telling us women about all that we are doing wrong. Our bras are not new enough, our bra is the wrong size, we have not been professionally fitted blah blah blah. Click the blah blah blah to see Kristen’s drama in shopping for bras.

I love how this video shows this beautiful voluptuous woman shopping for a bra. Five professionals, people who are paid to fit bras properly at five different stores each put her in a different size bra. They also did not measure and when they did they each measured differently. She felt pressured to buy a bra that did not fit because of the time and advice given by the professional.

It is no wonder that bras are not always comfortable. I felt stressed just watching this gal shop for bras.

As a professional stylist I think comfort is the MOST important part of looking your best. If you feel frumpy, chubby, squeezed and feel the need to readjust, you can not feel your best. Your clothing is a distraction and it is impossible to focus on someone else; your client, co-worker, child, student or spouse. Comfortable clothing that makes you feel great not only helps you feel fabulous, those confident feelings tell others you are focused on them.

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