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It’s Legging Weather- How to wear Leggings and How NOT to!!! Leggings Ain’t Pants

There is a video screaming thorough the internet on how NOT to wear Leggings! Not only is it Hilarious- it is also true! The video has since come down but it featured a real life woman explaining the RIGHT and WRONG way to wear leggings. In a sentence- cover your […]

How My Periscope “scopes” videos can help you be seen, heard and earn more

My Periscope “scopes” can help you be seen, heard and earn more! Periscope is a new social media platform that is taking the world by storm. “Scopes” are live video streams shared around the world. I recently started “scoping” and I am having so much fun! I am scoping twice […]

I have been perfecting my craft as personal
stylist for many years. Everything from teaching Mom’s how to dress and pose in photos that will make it to the scrapbook to designing keepsake jewelry that projects the proper image for speakers and salespeople. I also spent many years working in boutique clothing stores, high-end department stores and our favorite niche retailer at the mall. I also have trained with important clothing designers and I have learned to use the best proportioning tools that helps clothing look its best on each unique body. Additionally I have also stayed on trend with books that help us “How Not To Look Old and How Not To Dress Fat.” So I really do know how you help you look your best in the clothes you already own and I can help you choose a few go to pieces that will make the rest of your wardrobe work well.

All of this and more is why of all of the hundreds of clothing brands I could be a stylist for, I chose Ruby Ribbon.

Ruby Ribbon’s clothing is made for today’s woman. Today’s woman wants to be comfortable AND look great. We love the feeling when our tummies are tucked, breasts are comfortably supported and we look a size smaller. Ruby Ribbon’s clothing is patented and comes with a comfortable “skinny band” in pants and skirts, shaping sleeves in dresses and tops and camisoles and bottom shapers that hug us to a size smaller but never ever spanks us!

I am excited to share that Ruby Ribbon has just gotten some amazing press! See the article here