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Pantone’s Greenery is 2017’s color of the year ( photo provided from Pantone)

More than a year before we see items on store shelves and on-line carts, designers are choosing the design and color of what they are offering. Sometime in 2015, Pantone, the color authority choose “Greenery” as 2017’s Color of the year.

I have spent the  last 7 days at the America’s mart, the largest venue in the US where retailers purchase inventory for the next year.   “Greenery” was featured in clothing and accessories so soon you will see this as a color option in tops, shirts, handbags, jewelry and more.

 Do you like this color? Will Greenery look good on you?  While anyone can wear green, this bright shade with a strong yellow undertone will look best on people with yellow undertones in their skin, hair and eyes. If you were told that you are an “Autumn” or a “Bright Spring” this color will probably look great on you. Eye colors of olive green, hazel, light brown and hair with reddish or golden tones will likely wear this color well. You can rock it in scarves, jackets, dresses and jewelry. You can wear it close to your face and your skin and eyes will glow. You will look radiant.

If you have more pink undertones in your skin and have hair with no red or yellow in it and have cool colored eyes like blue or aqua or dark brown, you may be a winter or summer and look better with a green that has more blue in it such as aqua green. If you love this color, you will look best if you wear it away from your face.  Greenery colored skirts, pants, and handbags would be better than jewelry, scarves and blouses.  If you must wear a top in greenery and its not your best shade of green- wear a complimentary shade of white, pink or purple scarf with it, or choose a neckline that reveals more skin. You will know that greenery is not a great color for you if you see more dark circles under your eyes, you look more tired or drained or if you feel the need to apply lipstick to add color to your face.

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