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5 “Dress” tips from Top Designers

It is SO fun to be part of the Fashion Industry and to see the creativity and human touch to design. Designers like Cami Raymond, Ruby Ribbon’s designer & Sunil Ramchadani another top designer know how to make every woman look and feel beautiful. Check out what Sunil has to say about Ruby Ribbon dresses, designed by Cami Raymond. Here are 5 tips on why…

Dresses are:

1. Versatile- Go from casual to dressy with a simple shoe change or accessory change.

2. Easy to wear-Jump in to a dress without much thought or effort. Mixing tops and bottoms takes extra time and effort.

3. Dresses can double as a swimsuit coverup. Reduce your cost per wear by wearing your dress several ways.

4. Wearing a dress is cool! Literally and figuratively. Nothing like a cool breeze on your legs when its hot.

5. Dresses flatter ALL figures. Ruby Ribbon offers dresses to Flatter XS-3Xl and every body type. Click the link below to learn