Monthly Archives: November 2017

In Georgia, the weather can jump 30 degrees in hours and it isn’t until December that we are REALLY confident that we can tuck away our light weight and sleeveless items that we wear when the temps are above 80. Here are some ideas to keep wearing your favorites as the temperatures drop.

7 Tips to Transition from Summer to Fall

1. Mix darker colors in with your light summer shaded tops, skirts, dresses, and pants. Add some navy or black
to the pastels of summer.
2. Consider the colors in the changing leaves, fall foods, and decor and add a pop of that to your summer items. A mustard belt, brown tote and long leather necklace will update your summer item for the current season.
3. Pair your summer shift dresses with leggings and jeans for the look of a tunic instead of dress in bare legs. This is a great transition to the new season.
4. Pull out your boots and peep-toe booties to replace your sandals and add a darker handbag. Nothing says “its not summer anymore” more than boots.
5. Layer a long sleeve or 3/4 sleeve top under your short sleeve and tank style tops. Pair with jeans that work all season long.
6. Add a cool weather accessory such as fur scarf or beanie hat to your outfit.
7. Throw your favorite poncho, tailored jacket or long cardigan to layer with anything. Instant chic!