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6 Tips To Dress YOUR best for all of your holiday festivities

Most women feel extremely overloaded during the holiday season. We need to shop, wrap and ship gifts.decorate, bake, clean and entertain. We also attend children’s holiday functions, church functions, community functions, Holiday work parties, friend’s parties and often host functions at our own home. It can feel overwhelming to have to dress our holiday best on top of all of extra demands of the holiday season. Plus we are a little worried about how things will fit after all of the holiday food

Enjoy and share these 6 tips and you will look and feel great through all of your holiday activities.

1.Take a LEAST 30 minutes to yourself to relax. Get away from stress and find a calm and quiet spot in your home to plan your party schedule. I love to drink hot tea. It both relaxes and invigorates me. Take out a pad and paper or your calendar and write down all of the activities you have been invited to and the dates. Next to each function determine if it is more a “snappy casual” kind of event, a come as you are kind of event, or a dressier event. If you are clueless as to the dress, reach out to the host to ask. Also consider if you really need to attend ALL of the functions or if there are any conflicts. Now is the time to politely bow out of any event that is just too much!

2. Go in to your closet and pull out your favorite basic bottoms, keeping in mind comfort. Your favorite little black dress, dress pants, or skirt. They need not be black. Consider your best neutral as well. If you are a Spring you may prefer a beautiful chocolate brown or clear navy, A Summer may prefer a stunning mulberry or charcoal gray, Autumn might like a deep eggplant and winters who thrive in black may want to mix in a beautiful violet instead.

Try them on and make sure they are clean, still fit, have no hanging threads or worn or pilling areas. If you find any of your items aren’t up to snuff, reach out to me and I will come running with some gorgeous pieces from Ruby Ribbon for you! We offer many holiday appropriate skirts, pants and dresses, such as smoothing, slimming sequined skirts, velvet slimming skirts, a smoothing shaping little black dress, suedette with a smoothing secret leggings , fabulous slimming pants and more.

3. Narrow your bottom choices to 3 that are your favorite for how they look and make you FEEL! We need to enjoy the holidays, not feel like a stuffed sausage especially when indulging the season’s fabulous food.

Next pull out your most festive tops, such as seasonal reds, greens, metallics, and embellished and choose the ones that flatter you best. Consider Ruby Ribbon’s beautiful camis as a slimming base under jackets, cardigans, dresses and more. The cami can also peek beneath a jacket, cardigan or sheer top for smoothing and slimming which can include a pop of color. Consider pashminas, peplum jackets, scarfs, shawls and other toppers to dress up your basic blouse. See if you can avoid the business type jacket to focus on the fun of the season.

4. Mix and match your tops and bottoms to create the type of looks you need, dressy, snappy-casual, and relaxed casual. Be sure to put them on your body to be certain the look is what you want. Now is a great time to determine if a little shapewear would boost your confidence and smooth your silhoutte. Ruby Ribbon and I standing by to help!

5. Make at least 2 outfits for each type of event you might need to attend. Pull out your belts, necklaces, earrings, shoes, boots, handbags and see which look best. Use them to change up a look where you might see the same person or two. Now is also a great time to treat yourself to a new accessory.

6. Store your outfits in an easy to get to area and match them up with accessories you have already picked. Then when the hour has come to get dressed, you are confident you have a great outfit perfect for your body and occasion!

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy New Year!

In Georgia, the weather can jump 30 degrees in hours and it isn’t until December that we are REALLY confident that we can tuck away our light weight and sleeveless items that we wear when the temps are above 80. Here are some ideas to keep wearing your favorites as the temperatures drop.

7 Tips to Transition from Summer to Fall

1. Mix darker colors in with your light summer shaded tops, skirts, dresses, and pants. Add some navy or black
to the pastels of summer.
2. Consider the colors in the changing leaves, fall foods, and decor and add a pop of that to your summer items. A mustard belt, brown tote and long leather necklace will update your summer item for the current season.
3. Pair your summer shift dresses with leggings and jeans for the look of a tunic instead of dress in bare legs. This is a great transition to the new season.
4. Pull out your boots and peep-toe booties to replace your sandals and add a darker handbag. Nothing says “its not summer anymore” more than boots.
5. Layer a long sleeve or 3/4 sleeve top under your short sleeve and tank style tops. Pair with jeans that work all season long.
6. Add a cool weather accessory such as fur scarf or beanie hat to your outfit.
7. Throw your favorite poncho, tailored jacket or long cardigan to layer with anything. Instant chic!

5 “Dress” tips from Top Designers

It is SO fun to be part of the Fashion Industry and to see the creativity and human touch to design. Designers like Cami Raymond, Ruby Ribbon’s designer & Sunil Ramchadani another top designer know how to make every woman look and feel beautiful. Check out what Sunil has to say about Ruby Ribbon dresses, designed by Cami Raymond. Here are 5 tips on why…

Dresses are:

1. Versatile- Go from casual to dressy with a simple shoe change or accessory change.

2. Easy to wear-Jump in to a dress without much thought or effort. Mixing tops and bottoms takes extra time and effort.

3. Dresses can double as a swimsuit coverup. Reduce your cost per wear by wearing your dress several ways.

4. Wearing a dress is cool! Literally and figuratively. Nothing like a cool breeze on your legs when its hot.

5. Dresses flatter ALL figures. Ruby Ribbon offers dresses to Flatter XS-3Xl and every body type. Click the link below to learn