How to dress comfortably when its 90 degrees in the shade and your menopause is on high, AKA look cool when the temperature is hot! Its hard to connect and communicate when you are distracted by the heat! Make sure your dress is temperature appropriate.

1. Switch your black, navy and dark brown to white, taupe, tan or pale grey. Lighter colors reflect light which is cooler.

2. Choose a light wrinkle resistant fabric like a cotton blend or crepe. Cotton blends and silk blended with lycra are good choices. See Ruby Ribbon’s ponte pant and mesh sleeve tunic. See the link to my catalog here

3. Switch to an unlined jacket or crisp light wrinkle resistant cardigan instead of the jacket See Ruby Ribbon’s how ponte jacket or Judy Cardigan. See the link to my lookbook here

4. Skip the panty hose ( try sally hansen’s airbrush legs for pale or veiny legs)

5. Switch to a light weight dress or skirt (see Ruby Ribbon’s Convertible Sash skirt that can also be worn as a strapless dress).

6. Wear soft or wide flowy clothing instead of stiff constricting clothes (see Ruby Ribbon’s Palazzo pants or Split Skirt)

7. Wear shoes with openings such as pieced styles or healed sandals (don’t forget your pedicure)

8. Switch from heavier shoes to nude pumps. Elongates the leg and looks modern.

9. Wear simple lines avoid extra pleats, pockets that trap heat.

10. Wear a lower neckline no cowl, or turtle neck. (See Ruby Ribbon’s versatile tank)

11. Keep your accessories simple. Wear a statement necklace instead of a many layers of jewelry.

12. Wear a lighter breathable bra or try a ruby ribbon cami. Our fabric wicks away sweat, is not constricting (in the right size) and helps you look better under those light colored light weight clothing.

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Yes, I would follow Lenny Kravitz any where, as long as it’s warm. This morning it was 15 degrees and in Georgia, that’s frozen Georgia peaches cold. I am longing for when I can wear shorter skirts and sleeves and be comfy. I am also excited for the new Spring Colors.

This is the color palette we can expect in our clothing, paints, and accessories this Spring. You will also see a lot of nautical inspired accessories and colors, which is a personal favorite.

2015-02-15 12.42.37

Ruby Ribbon’s Spring Line has a nautical theme as well and it features this pantone spring color.

Ruby Ribbon's asymmetrical top features Spring's Pantone Color Classic Blue

Ruby Ribbon’s asymmetrical top features Spring’s Pantone Color Classic Blue

It looks incredible with nautical accessories. This is Plunder Design’s necklace featuring an anchor. The anchor necklace is gold dipped with a tarnish protecting coating for just $24. Add your favorite initial for just $11 more.I added my daughter’s initial to make a fun gift for her.
Check out my Plunder Designs website to order yours. 10.22.07

You can see it here on Ruby Ribbon’s fabulous asymmetrical tunic. This flattering beauty is cool and comfortable You will love it mixed with your current Ruby Ribbon ponte pants or you may to grab the new pants in this same fabulous color. I can’t wait to wear mine with the new lace up capris. Come On Spring, make a liar out of that hedgehog!!!spring cover ruby CLick this link to shop Ruby Ribbon now.