I’m Hiring!


Our fabulous products offered at great prices (nothing costs more than $199and most are under $75) which means that women buy our products.

Our average trunkshow show is $850 which means our stylists earn money, good money in fact $130-$300 on an average trunkshow that lasts 2 hours. Commissions on personal sales are based on personal and team volume.

Ruby Ribbon pays for our hostess gifts, credit card fees and right now there is no monthly website fee – http://www.rubyribbon.com/dianefreeman

Sign up here! You also will get a similar site for free.

Budget friendly investment. Just $199 gets you started. Ruby Ribbon offers monthly incentives to help you earn additional pieces for free and at a deep discount. Here is my site and as a stylist you will have one just like it. My Ruby Ribbon website.

Look here
dianejk1I invite you to partner with me as a Ruby Ribbon Stylist. We will grow together. Let’s connect!

You can also join us on a webinar every Thursday evening at 8:00 pm eastern. Click Rubyribbon.events/opportunity and when you share your name, you can win a free cami. 1 in 15 win. If you say that Diane Freeman referred you, I can get a prize too!

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